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UkkeyCoin Mining Pool - 大人の自由研究

cranepay Mining Pool - '' started !

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Download a miner : cpuminer-opt-3.8.10-bf/*New , Cpuminer-opt-yespower for cryply coin*Hot

Mining Command
./cpuminer -a yespower -o stratum+tcp:// -u Username.WorkerName -p WorkerPassword

※ Variable difficulty 
3332 : Default Diff 0.05 (Min:0.01 - Max:2.0)
3333 : Default Diff 0.20 (Min:0.05 - Max:4.0)

auto payment error
posted 2018/08/02 15:55:12 (UTC) by ukkey3


An error occurred in automatic payment processing.

The target person will pay later manually. Please wait for a while.

※ It is currently working normally.

Additional Information)

Payment has been completed at 2:07:26 on August 2, 2018.

hard fork
posted 2018/07/05 12:33:44 (UTC) by ukkey3

2018/07/03 A hard fork happened !!

 The algorithm has changed since July 1, 2018

 (from Yescrypt R16 to YesPoWer.)

 It can not be mined with YescryptR16.

 I need a minor corresponding to the new algorithm.

 Since block id 20206 to 21456 can not be mined, it is invalid block.